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Uniting family ties: the rise of the moral compass

Parents fear that their children will become bad when they grow up. According to the American psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg, there are three distinct stages of moral development: selfish, selfless, and self-determined levels. At the selfish level, the child does the right thing for fear of negative consequences. At the selfless level, he determines his behavior based on social norms to meet the expectations of others. At the highest level, which is also the self-determined level, the child would have internalized the rules he learned when he was young, and then would try to determine for himself what he believes to be a universal concept of “correct” behavior.
Use the acronym RISE to help develop moral values ​​in children and see what the RISE of the moral compass might look like.

Respect – basis of morality
Step by step: each step of moral development is a stage that the child needs to go through
Stories: use stories to help your child understand values, correct behavior, and expectations
Example: use your stories to teach them because as parents you are their role models
In the Families for Life live series #AskFFL ​​on Facebook (April – May 2020), IMH psychiatrist A / Prof Daniel Fung, president of the Medical Board, IMH and president of the International Association of Child Psychiatry and Adolescent and Allied Professions, shared helpful insights about managing children’s mental well-being and offered parenting tips during the COVID-19 pandemic. This video series summarizes the strategies and tips discussed during each live session.

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