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The history of PIKSI

The Summer Institute of Philosophy in an Inclusive Key (PIKSI) offers underrepresented promising students the opportunity to work intensively with teacher mentors and their peers whose experiences and commitments resonate with their own. PIKSI enables these students to see that they can have a future in philosophy and that there is a place for them in the discipline.

We know that PIKSI has been valuable to individual students who have been scholarship recipients for the past nine years. This Summer Institute is also of vital importance for a discipline that has remained the least diverse of the humanities. The founders of PIKSI, themselves high-level feminist philosophers, drew on their own experiences in the profession to address the persistent lack of diversity in philosophy. They reflected on the obstacles they faced and the types of help they needed to succeed; They imagined how their successes, both individual and collective, in changing the field could be further expanded. The result is a program that enables college students to pursue their passion for philosophy and honor the legacy of the discipline as an agent of personal and political transformation.

We encourage students from underrepresented groups to learn more about PIKSI and apply for the next Summer Institute at http://rockethics.psu.edu/education/piksi


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