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9 True Scary Home Break In Horror Stories (Vol.12)

Sometimes that beat you hear at night is more than meets the eye. In today’s scary stories episode, we’ll cover a few home-only stories in addition to home intrusion stories that are sure to chill you to the core. But what exactly will we experience? Here is a synopsis of some of the creepy tales I analyze.

The first story lasts over an hour. One of our friends was home alone during the month of December. While his parents were out shopping, our friend was busy working on homework. Realizing that her parents were taking longer than usual, she decided to put on a movie. This is where a series of bizarre events will occur involving finding footprints in the snow along with hearing noises. Finally, he decides to go out and see who may have caused the riot. It gives you the creeps when he opens the shed and finds a complete stranger who looks back at him.

Then a story that comes to us from Carla. She comes home after a long day at the university, tired and ready to relax after taking a midterm exam. She tells us that her parents arrive home until 5 p.m., which leads us to believe that things will be pleasant and calm. However, as Carla reveals, she soon hears footsteps coming from the kitchen downstairs. Playing it safe, he locks himself in his room. She did a good thing because little does she know, two masked men had just entered. Find out what Carla does when the men start kicking her bedroom door.

Finally, can you imagine being woken up at 3 am by strange noises? Hopefully the noise comes from, say, an alarm you forgot to turn off or your dog barking? Well not exactly. I tell you about the moment Chris ran into a complete stranger in his living room, taking all his elegant electronics and belongings with him. The funny part is, the man says he thought this was his home. Like.

So that’s just a preview of some of the stories in today’s video. As always, I encourage you to stick around for the rest of the episode to see if your story made it. Enjoy.

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If this is the first time you have seen one of my videos or you are confused about what you are seeing, then let me introduce you. I am the creepy fox, a storyteller who tells stories that are sent by friends and fans. With a combination of long hours of voice acting, editing and writing, join us and come for a ride, because together, we collaborate to bring your real spooky experiences to life.


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