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10 amazing stories of people who left the Amish community

Crazy things that happened to former Amish members.
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The Amish community is a complete mystery to those of us living on the outside of their bubble. We don’t really understand why they choose to live as if they were born in the past. We also do not get as hard it must be for those who have grown up in that kind of environment to leave. Leaving means being hindered by their family and everyone they have ever known within their community. But some people do it anyway, because they hope life is better from the outside. Do you want to know more? Watch our video on 10 amazing stories of people who left the Amish community.

Timothy Sauder dreamed of having a career in science when he was a little boy. Unfortunately for him, his Amish community did not believe in higher education. After meeting highly educated intellectuals on a bike ride in Colorado, Timothy’s heart was set to leave the Amish world. He was even able to enter the university without a high school diploma. But you will have to watch the video to find out if hell ever returns to his Amish way of life.

Moses Gingerich may have been a reality TV star on “Amish in the City,” but he chose to leave his Amish community shortly after the show aired. He remembers how I wanted to be a country singer when he was younger, and I used to secretly sing along to his battery-powered radio. But you will never guess what this lovely ex-Amish man is doing today.

From Ruth Irene Garrett to Levi Shetler, there are many amazing people who left behind their strict Amish community. Just make sure to keep an eye on the ending to hear about the skill that Kate Stoltz picked up when she was just nine years old.

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