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साँप और नेवला | Mongoose and the snake story | Panchatantra Kahaniya | Hindi Kids Stories With Moral

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Here’s a new video on Panchatantra Kahaniya. साँप और नेवला – Mongoose & The Snake Story is a famous Hindu story with morality. Here a Brahmin family finds a mongoose (snow) and tames it as a pet. One day when the wife saw some blood on the mongoose’s face, she thought that the mongoose hurt her son and, without even confirmation, she threw a pot and killed the mongoose. This makes her feel so bad for taking the wrong step.

Panchatran kahaniya presents you the stories of our ancient scripts “El Panchatantra”. These stories are written to teach us various morals and life lessons. We promise to bring you the best visual experience of these stories with beautiful characters and attractive presentation. For more stories, please, like, share and subscribe

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