How to get rid of bad habits in 21 days

A habit is something that we do regularly or often and when this habit is something that is harmful to us in any way it is called a bad habit. In technical terms, a bad habit is a negative pattern behavior. In medical terms, bad habit is defined as A patterned behavior regarded as detrimental to ones physical or mental health, which is often linked to a lack of self control.

Alcohol and drug abuse, smoking, watching too much TV, junk food or a lot of sugar consumption etc., are the common examples of bad habits.

The 21 days rule.

Do you know it only takes 21 days to make a new habit, once our brain locks in a habit it is not easy to let it go? It takes 21 or more days to store anything in our memory i.e., in our mind. Just like our phone stores its memory our mind stores our every day action.

According to GEORGE WOODS

Our frequent behavior such as brushing teeth, getting dressed etc., make a real estate in our mind cloud, making them easy to recall when time comes.

So, how do we get rid of the bad habits?

1. Prepare yourself and get started

When your habit is something, that is harming you and you want to really get better and leave that habit you need to push yourself to actually leave it by preparing your mind. It can be hard at first, but remember, “Practice makes man perfect.

2. Choose an alternative

Replacing an old habit with new habit by doing something that is much healthier and harmless for you. For example: a person smokes every day and he want to get rid of it, he choose to eat nuts every time his mind reminded him of smoking.

3. Set a reminder

When you are habituated to something your mind keeps alarming you to do it when time comes and when you are trying to leave that habit it gets even worse. So setting reminders like sticking pictures of you family members, or inspiring quotes or your favorite people will remind you not to get back to that old habit and keep going.

4. Know that you are not alone

Every single individual has a bad habit , these may or may not be be common or general to a lot of people but everyone are going through the challenges that they due to their own habits respectively. So, understanding that there are so many people with you through this journey helps motivating a individual to keep going no matter what.

5. Seek support

Doing things alone can be boring and exhausting. However, when we have someone beside us encouraging us and supporting us, it is easy to do anything. So, explain you situation to your friends or family or anyone who is close and ask them to support you. It makes making a new habit easier.