encouraging stories


a lady was status at the roof of a excessive constructing. after locating out that her husband become cheating on her, she wanted to give up together with her existence. after a brief hesitation, she made a leap forward. the female fell rapid towards the floor. however simply before the loss of life, the concern filled her soul. she felt like she turned into in someone’s embody. she opened her eyes and saw an angel, who turned into protecting her in his arms.
– why didn’t you permit me fall? – she asked with anger.
– i can allow you to cross if you agree to die expertise that there won’t be any recollections of you left on the earth, nothing.
– how is that? – asked the lady in surprise.
– you don’t have kids, who would consider you, your mother is old and she or he will die soon. and everyone else…they may forget about you soon…
– and my husband? he’s going to blame himself for my loss of life. if he’s going to feel remorse all his lifestyles, he will recall me.
– that received’t appear, he doesn’t love you, he’s satisfied with any other lady. and he received’t blame himself for a long term, quickly he’ll forget about you.
– fine, i believe you. but i have matters, snap shots.
– your rental will burn down after one year. and all of your matters will change into ash…
– but my buddies have pictures of me.
– you don’t have friends, – the angel stated quite coldly.
– but… i’m on the collective faculty images.
abruptly, the angel began to unclamp his palms.
– you’re letting me move because i proved to you that there can be memories approximately me left? – the woman requested paradoxically.
– no. you are clinging to the strings so hard; you’re convincing me that i would assist you to die, similar to others are clinging to a few futile possibilities so that they may stay. i don’t want to spend those moments with you, because i should assist different people at some stage in that point. i want to offer human beings a risk to stay, no longer to die.

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