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Bill Gates watched his first company crumble

Bill gates is now one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, but he didn’t earn his fortune in a immediately line to achievement. gates entered the entrepreneurial scene with a business enterprise called traf-o-information, which aimed to manner and examine the facts from visitors tapes (consider it like an early version of huge facts). he tried […]

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Developing a Relationship

nita became these days married and had commenced dwelling in a joint family together with her husband and in-laws. after a few days, she commenced to recognise that she isn’t always able to get together with her mother in law. nita’s mother in regulation turned into conservative while nita become liberal with modern life-style. quickly […]

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How Your First Crush Felt…..

the british invasion hit me in a completely specific way than it did all and sundry else. it was the early ’60s, i was thirteen and that i had observed my very very own english lad to fantasize about. i may want to listen to his accessory all day long. i wasn’t allowed to date […]

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The Fearless

swami vivekananda changed into 8 years old when this incident passed off. he loved to hang head down from a champak tree in his pal’s compound. in the future he changed into hiking the tree and an antique man approached him asking him not to climb the tree. the antique man become probable scared that […]

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A Friday Funny Story

roger left for paintings on friday morning. friday changed into payday, so rather than going home, he stayed out the complete weekend partying with the boys and spending his complete pay packet. in the end, roger appeared at domestic on sunday night, and manifestly he changed into confronted by means of his irritated wife, martha […]

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The test of Swami Vivekanand

Swami vivekanand’s inspiring character has been well known in india and overseas from a long time to come. this unknown monk of india all at once rose to fame on the parliament of religions held in chicago (america) in 1893, representing hinduism. his tremendous knowledge of jap and western tradition as well as his deep […]

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The Elephant Rope

as a person became passing the elephants, he stopped, pressured by using the fact that these big creatures were being held by most effective a small rope tied to their the front leg. no chains, no cages. it become obvious that the elephants may want to, at every time, spoil away from their bonds but […]

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it’s nighttime 5’o clock, i status at the bridge looking ahead to my buddy who planned for a film. its changed into very fine and lovable weather which made my heart lite. i started out roaming at the bridge and considering my friend is he come or no longer. abruptly i surprised a woman crossed […]

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Bad Temper….

there as soon as become a bit boy who had a awful temper. his father gave him a bag of nails and advised him that on every occasion he lost his temper, he ought to hammer a nail into the lower back of the fence. the primary day, the boy had pushed 37 nails into […]