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ఓ ప్రియతమా

చంద్రుడు చిన్నబోయెను నీ మోమును చూసి నీలాకాశం నిలవలేకపోయింది నీ నీలి కనులను చూసి నెలవంక నిద్దుర లేచెను నీ నడకను చూసి నీరు పన్నీరు అయ్యెను నీ కరములు తడిపి అలాంటి ఓ మేఘమాల నీ మనసులో వాలేదేల ..? -శివతౌర్య

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God Is Dead

These gods go on being born and dying, but these are not the true God. ‘True God’ simply means life — AES DHAMMO SANANTANO — the inexhaustible law of existence. How can it die? There is no way. Forms change…. It seems God visited the New York subways recently. Someone had scrawled on the wall: […]

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Developing a Relationship

nita became these days married and had commenced dwelling in a joint family together with her husband and in-laws. after a few days, she commenced to recognise that she isn’t always able to get together with her mother in law. nita’s mother in regulation turned into conservative while nita become liberal with modern life-style. quickly […]

The test of Swami Vivekanand

A Woman Is Having A Heart Attack And Meets God

a brother’s hands